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 c Isaure Couturier

Let me introduce myself...

Born in 1989 in Dijon, France, I studied music and began my professional life as a harpist. At 25, I realised music would still be an important part of me, but I had other interests I needed to explore. I therefore enrolled at the Ecole Française du Décor Peint in Le Mans, and graduated as painter-decorator in 2016.


Painting fulfills my professional goals; it allows me to be creative, to work with my hands, and to be part of something bigger. I particularly enjoyed working on opera sets during an internship, as it was a nice link to my musical background.

I moved to London in September 2017 as an au pair, hoping to find a way to combine painting and music.

Passionate about education, I have created an art course for children, and am part of the Artists Resource team, providing art workshops and parties. I like to encourage children's creativity and autonomy by balancing guidance and freedom, as well as fostering a caring and non-judgmental environment.

Access to the arts for disadvantaged communities is the direction I'd like my work to take in the future, as well as developing my writing.

Please do get in touch if any of my skills is of interest to you!

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