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Painting has always been part of Anne-Charlotte's life, whether she would draw for friends or family, or experiment for herself. Once she had decided that music was not enough for her professionnal goals, she started thinking of what she would like to do next and painting appeared to be the right thing to do.


She had never thought about a scenic-painter's work, but the more she was discovering it, the more it fit her. A scenic-painter needs to be creative, but always follows rules: being able to express herself without fearing the complete freedom of a blank page is the ideal combination for Anne-Charlotte. The infinite possibilities of the work, and the insurance to do something different every day also played an important role in her choice. 


When the Ecole Française du Décor Peint in Le Mans, France, offered her a spot, she worked hard and constantly challenged herself, organising extra work nights with friends in her class and practicing her eye whenever it was possible, even during a simple walk around town.

She graduated as a painter-decorator in June 2016, moved in London in September 2017, and since then she has been trying to find opportunities to work as scenic-painter in the movie industry. Her dream job would be to be part of an opera house's set designers team.

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