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Being a bookworm since her youngest age, Anne-Charlotte started writing (in French) for a short stories competition offered by Souffle Court Editions in 2015. She was the first surprised when her name was among the 21 young authors given the opportunity to be part of a book collecting those short stories! This was a new adventure... Since then, she's been published four other times -always with Souffle Court Editions, and is working on several writing projects at the moment. 

Currently available:

Litterature and music competition:

"L'éternelle histoire du jeu qui en vaut la chandelle. Ou pas?", Une nuit avec Baker, 2015

"Adoucir les coeurs", Tel le phénix, 2016 (mention spéciale du jury)

"Retour de boomerang", Orage, 2018

Tribute to Natsume Soseki:

"La vie devant soi", Robe de papier, 2017

Partnership with ATQ Quart Monde (charity):

"On ne prend pas de risque avec le chocolat", Le monde changera un jour, 2017

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